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600DT -טיימר דיגיטלי רב פונקציות

600DT -טיימר דיגיטלי רב פונקציות

מק"ט: 600DT
220.00 ₪מחיר
לא כולל מע״מ
Relay Contact1 C/O SPDT
Range9.99/99.9/999 Sec, 9.59 minsec, 99.9/999 min, 9.59 hr : min, 99.9/999 hr
Operating ModesOn Delay, Interval, Asymmetrical cyclic OFF first, Asymmetrical cyclic ON first, Cyclic equal OFF first, Cyclic equal ON first, Pulse output, Delay on break, Delay on make / break, Interval after break, Single shot, Retriggerable single shot, Latching relay, Delay on break with totalise, Interval with totalise
Counting DirectionDown
AccuracySetting:± 0.1 Of Set Time or ± 50m sec (Whichever Is Greater) For Y contact operation: + 100 m sec, Repeat: ± 0.1%
Supply Voltage20 to 240V AC / DC
Mounting TypeDIN Rail Mount
CertificationCE, UL
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