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At EID Electronics we specialize in technological solutions using quality state of the art products tailor made to our client's needs and specifications.

EID Electronics deals in the development, importing, and marketing of electronic products for control and command. Our experienced and professional staff also provide advice and technical solutions.

We have been active in this field for over 10 years and can provide solutions in the following areas:


  • Air-conditioning and heating systems, control (security) for buildings, entrances, and elevators

  • Medical Equipment and Pharmaceuticals.

  • Semi-conductor Production and related equipment.

  • Industrial Machinery.

  • Food Industry.

  • Processing Industries- wood, paper, cement.

  • Household Automation- timers,

  • Computerized Industries

  • Security for exhibits, museums…

  • Automobile Security

EID offers full support throughout the project. We have accumulated knowledge and experience from dozens of successful projects, and endorsements from our satisfied customers.

We have cumulated knowledge from dozen of project we have made and a full backup from suppliers that we represent :

Crouzet - France 
panasonic-Sunx - Japan
D.G. Control - England 
Tekel - Italy 
Jay - France 
Pulstronic - Germany



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