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טיימר רב פונקציות

טיימר רב פונקציות

SKU: 600XU-A-1-CU
Excluding Sales Tax


13 Functions, 10 Time Ranges


Relay Contact    1 C/O SPDT

Range   0.1-1 sec/min/hr, 0.3-3 sec/min/hr, 1-10 sec/min, 3-30 sec/min


Operating Modes          On Delay, Interval, Cyclic equal OFF first, Cyclic equal ON first, Pulse output (50msec), Delay on Break, Delay on Make/ Delay on Break, Interval after Break, Single shot, Retriggerable single shot, Latching relay, Delay on make with totalise, Interval with totalise


Accuracy           Setting: ± 5% of F.S., Repeat: ± 0.5% (Full Scale)


Supply Voltage  20 to 240V AC, 12 to 240V DC


Size      17.5mm


Mounting Type DIN Rail Mount


Certification      CE, UL

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